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Cybernetics The study of communication and control within and between humans, machines, organizations, and society.
I’ve always been fascinated by automated machines and robotics.  Using one  machine to create parts for another. The future is designing and creating things for  yourself, by yourself.  A CNC machine is part of that puzzle. I started this projects as a "let's see if you can do it" sort of thing.Little did I know this personal challenge would consume and intrigue me the way it has. A CNC machine is kind of like a gateway drug of a sorts. It can allow you to dive deeper into your own creativity.
One way to potentially save a lot of money, time and headache is to design the CNC on the computer first. I had access to a 3d design software package when I was designing my first CNC.  I was able to fully create the machine in software before physically cutting the first part.  This allowed me to know the actual cutting envelop of the machine before it was built. The design software even calculated how much it would weigh. I was also able to ensure proper clearance and function. I already had the THK actuators that I wanted to use so I just created rough models of each actuator that were dimensionally correct and added them to the final assembly.  One software package that could be used for designing your machine is Alibre PE or Pro. There may be a learning curve for you on the design software but if you're serious about building a CNC then you'll probably want to know your way around that type of software anyway.