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Cybernetics The study of communication and control within and between humans, machines, organizations, and society.
Electronics Every Were Electronics is everywhere.  You can find electronics even in your pocket, (mobile phone etc). Understanding the basics of electronics can enable you to create some truly useful electronic devices. With technology development being what it is, smaller and less expensive year after year,  you can now hold the ingredients for advanced electronic systems in palm of your hand. With the little knowledge and the willingness to experiment, you can build your own electronic systems. Electronics dominate the world today and many of the people in it. Within the past twenty years or so, so many improvements and advancements in technology have created a world which relies on electronic services and communication. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to own numerous electronics for one reason or another. All of them have a purpose and many of them seem quite necessary in day to day lives of people.
Raspberry Pi We Busy With Web Server, File Server and VPN. CNC Drill \ Milling Machine This is a Long Term Project We Busy With . Ham Radio A Never Ending Hobby, All ways some thing to add. 555 Timer All ways looking for new circuit for the 555 to be used.
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